Pension: Open Seven Days a Week. (Closed irregularly)
Tours: Take Place Twice a Day.


Located 20 kilometers from Hakodate, Onuma Quasi National Park attracts visitors from around the world with its own beauty of lakes, dotted islans and magnificent dormant volcano, Mt. Komagatake. The most visited area is around JR train Onumakoen Station with souvenir shops and sightseeing boat pier. Walking paths have you explore around the lakes, the islands and peninsulas. You may enjoy other activities such as canoeing, camping, fishing, cycling, tennis and golf, as well as nature trekking or mountain climbing, and in winter ice fishing, snowmobiling and snowshoe trekking.

Pension KAZA stands in front of a cove of Lake Konuma which is divided from Lake Onuma by a thin strip of land in-between.

3 minutes walk from JR Train Onumakoen Station.
Please note that almost all express trains from Sapporo to Hakodate stop at Onumakoen Station.
From Hakodate: 20-40 minutes by train
From Sapporo: approx. 3 hours by train

[Guided nature tour and accommodation in Onuma Park. A two-day and one-night plan]

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